Kuranda Home Made Tropical Fruit Ice Cream

Large Variety of Tropical Fruit and Nut Flavours Available in Cone or Cup.. now available in soya milk

Now available in soya milk. See Cliff in the Red Ice Cream Van Next to the Kuranda Markets Arcade Therwine Street, Kuranda,Far North  Queensland, Australia   Bulk buy prices: 1 litre $7.50, 2 litre $15, 4.5 litre $30 (prices subject to change)

lemon, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, blackberry, banana & lemon, rocky road, tropical  lime, coconut, mango, mulberry, cherry fudge, coconut ruff, jaboticaba (jackfruit)
Kuranda Home Made Tropical Fruit Ice Cream
avocado, ginger, peach, passionfruit, coffee & walnut, mint choc chip, custard apple, macadamia nut, licorice, rum & raisin, black sapote, pumpkin & nutmeg, pineapple, mandarin

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